World Vegan Day 2003

Somehow a pokemon found its way into this roll of film. Good clean fun. Andrea notes the location of several pounds of bananas. Lola, Jolinda, Andrea, and some people I don't know contemplate the cornucopia of soymilk and Sunny Delight while Eric reaches for his coffee.
People lining up for vegan lasagna from the Chicago Diner. More of the same. Jayson Bayless is a vegan vampire! A variety of speakers.
People eating food and sampling soymilk. Vegans and future vegans chow down and listen to our speakers. Vegan cakes from the Chicago Diner. Carrot cake and chocolate mousse cake. They even wrote "Vegan Society" on there for us.
More cake. More cake. Jonathan stares off into space while Jolinda enthusiastically models the vegan cake. Yoav decimates the vegan cake.
Getting ready for the Iron Chef competition. We have to wear chef's uniforms, you know. Josh is so sexy that a camera can capture only a blur when he is photgraphed. Josh, Lola, and Eric flash the vegan gang sign. No, Lola, fingers aren't vegan.
Iron Chef competitors begin cooking. Eric carefully selects a potato for his Iron Chef entry. Eric frying vegan crepes. Eric's Iron Chef entry. You can almost taste the grease by looking at the picture.
The Iron Chef competition heats up. This is your Lola. This is your Lola on drugs. Lola's Iron Chef entry. Tasty and varied.
The building blocks of Josh's Iron Chef entry. Josh gathers up his chopped vegetables. Josh drops some spices in his dish. Josh stirs his dish. Again, notice the blurring.
Frying goodness. First course of Josh's Iron Chef entry. Arranging the second course. Second course of Josh's Iron Chef entry.
Bystanders admire the Iron Chef dishes. Jolinda assembles Vegan Jeopardy. Chilling. More chilling.
Loads o' edumacashunal lit'rature. Passersby get to meet their meat. Yoav, caught in flagrante delicto. Again, the vegan gang sign.

Try Vegan Week 2004

Josh introduces Howard LymanHoward Lyman speaksHoward Lyman speaksJolinda passes out literature
Howard Lyman, our keynote speaker, and vegans. Howard Lyman and friend at Soul Vegetarian Restaurant after the talk. More Soul Veg... Motet Choir people observing TVW by eating Soul Veg takeout at a Wendy's.
Vegans passing out literatureDr. Bronner's AlpsnacksDelicious Nutrilicious Donuts
Andrea juggles vegetablesLola, Jolinda, and Aaron, together with Patti Haugh and other campus dining folk, dish out fine foodMore of sameAgain
People lining up for vegan deliciousnessWesley Wallace from campus dining talks to students about vegan options in the dining hallsPatti Haugh talks to students